GDPR compliance is all about good processes, documentation, and management – and GDPR·NOW fuels all this.

Achieve smooth project implementation after having designed and set the processes and controls for risk-based hedging of future GDPR compliance via GDPR·NOW. As a Microsoft SharePoint based Management solution/app in the cloud, GDPR·NOW provides documentation on compliance as well as efficient operations. This, in turn, leads to cross-organizational management support and platform for business development as well as maximum benefits to stakeholders – broadly speaking – via the inherent GDPR·NOW service center and management cockpit developed by ITSM COMPANY.

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GDPR IMPLEMENTATION = Cross organizational business effort

GDPR compliance is a cross-organizational business task that requires the use of management tools. GDPR·NOW is designed to orchestrate:

  • Work processes related to GDPR compliance, such as consent
  • Registration of cases, incl workflows and automation, such as deletion of personal data
  • Master data and documentation of processes

GDPR·NOW main features

  • Manages data objects, systems and associated operating/change processes, eg customer name, and address, application data, test results
  • Deals with various legal baselines, eg consent, contract, interests
  • Documentation templates with cross-relations to systems and data objects
  • Interfaces for integration to other platforms such as Microsoft, SAP, ORACLE and all known IT systems, eg CRM, ERP, E-commerce

Practical handling requests from individuals, status on their consents and perhaps request for “right to be forgotten” is important.

This is one of the cornerstones in GDPR NOW

Input to GDPR·NOW

GDPR·NOW comes into use once data appraisal, GAP analyzes (such as DPIA), processes and controls in terms of GDPR compliance have been completed. Due to the intuitive and user-friendly design, all employees working with GDPR·NOW can easily support that processing of personal data meets the requirements of GDPR and remains legal.

Standard lists in GDPR·NOW support the analysis work and provide the required overview. The system database in GDPR·NOW can be used for documentation and can be either manually maintained or integrated into another system. The SharePoint built-in features can easily and quickly be used for various governance disciplines.

Output from GDPR·NOW

Based on SharePoint and full Cloud compatibility, GDPR·NOW requires no further technologies, nor silos along in assurance of compliance. Data are retained in their original system while GDPR·NOW only orchestrate the management of data.

GDPR·NOW supports and digitizes work on obtaining consent statements. Workflows ensure that you can request renewed consent in connection with the changed use of personal data where the renewal of consent is required. Should you have consents directly in various systems then it is possible to consolidate in GDPR·NOW.

You can document and monitor the status of organization’s compliance with the GDPR at any time, incl consents being active, pending or withdrawn, consents character being manual or automated, by system or data object, etc.

A wide range of reports and dashboards (in some cases requiring Power BI) gives management a complete overview of the organization’s compliance with the regulation, both as instant status but also in terms of looking ahead to the future:

  • There are numerous templates that can be used for documentation, checking and similar
  • You can create word templates, as required, which for instance can be used to create and control data processing agreements
  • Establishment of knowledge, use and exchange of knowledge and similar is fully supported in GDPR·NOW


GDPR NOW is the management platform recommended which digitizes burdensome and resource demanding GDPR compliance tasks while minimizing manual work and hence mistakes in securing compliance,

  • Management cockpit for top management, data controller, data processor, Data Protection Officer (DPO) and possibly more, such as consultants
  • Processing tools for all stakeholders working with the processes
  • Real-time documentation, such as request for information, request to be forgotten and data breach

Via use of built-in case management system in GDPR·NOW it is easy to establish cases, process workflows, etc. Cases can be automated via run-books or via integration with technical tools.


You need to have a valid Microsoft Office 365 license E3 or higher. The GDPR NOW license structure and pricing to ITSM COMPANY is determined by the number of employees and legal entities in your company.

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