Our roots originate from the ITSM industry. Today we are much more than this. Our portfolio of services includes now GDPR, and we are integrating across the Microsoft ecosystem including System Center, Azure, SharePoint, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM.

Quality, the ability to deliver (on time), and keeping agreements is the DNA of our cooperation with customers.

Our high level of professionalism combined with dedicated team spirit and sportsmanship has meant that our client base in a short period of time includes customers in both Bolivia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Germany, the United States – and Denmark …


ITSM COMPANY was founded in 2009 with the mission to bring efficient, cost-effective and consolidable ITSM software to organizations of all types and sizes – based on Microsoft SharePoint.

We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark (HQ), and Vilnius, Lithuania, and our team is made up of experienced IT Service Management consultants and software/technology professionals certified in Microsoft technologies. Or as we simply like to call ourselves: passionate IT Service Management and Microsoft geeks. The common denominator for our team is that we all strongly believe in the value of breaking down silos and consolidate on one single platform to:

  • Leverage your existing skills, technology and investments (= a lean learning curve and low costs)
  • Break down traditional barriers to collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Turn records into reusable and intelligent content by making them searchable and accessible for all relevant stakeholders
  • Standardize and automate your workflows and service delivery throughout the organization

We are committed to our Scandinavian heritage – where design and simplicity goes hand in hand. We are working with this intensively in our digital solutions.

ITSM360 C udstilling

Partnering with us and ITSM360?

We provide exciting possibilities for you to transform the way traditional ITSM has been delivered in a modern way. Delivering of ITSM on top of SharePoint increases business value for your clients and increases your profitability.

We are supporting our partners with both technical assistance and in all commercial aspects -including delivering business opportunities for our partners.

There are two matching partner profiles:

1 – You are already enrolled as a Microsoft Partner

In this case, you probably have happy customers, which wants to harvest more value of their Microsoft infrastructure. Position ITSM360 for these clients will open up new possibilities for you and secure you an even stronger relation to these clients.

With ITSM360 you will be able to compete against large (typical US-based) players in this industry, but the advantage of using your knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem is the key to profitable business.


2 – Profesional ITSM consultants

If you have worked with ITSM you probably already have good and bad experience with ITSM tooling. With ITSM360 in your portfolio, you will be able to deliver an ITSM tool which can be configured without coding -but more important – a tool which is different.

Build on top of the most recognized collaboration platform opens up new ways for you to deliver ITSM value – and this is a major change in the industry.

Read more about ITSM360

Contact Partner Thomas Bo Nielsen for further information about our partner offerings.

Key  Partners


Microsoft is, of course, our largest partner and we have been a gold and silver partner within several areas.  We have been enrolled as a partner since 2008 with partner ID 2363327.


ShareNordic is a strategic partner in the Nordics for ITSM360 and GDPR NOW implementation. Zleep hotels, Gyldendal, and Nanovi is some of the cases which have been done in cooperation between ITSM Company and ShareNordic.

See more on sharenordic.com


SAC-IT headquartered in Denmark with a subsidiary in Florida, the US having key competencies on hosting, back-up and Microsoft technologies. SAC-IT and ITSM Company run cases in both Denmark and the US, where SAC-IT contributes with client specific hosting and consultancy assistance.

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